Fresh Kudzu Roots for Sale

Locally-harvested, fresh Kudzu Root (Ge-Gen) available to herbalists in late winter 2018

Kudzu, the ‘vine that ate the South’, formerly known as the ‘miracle vine’ that saved that same region’s rapidly eroding slopes after a century of deforestation and intensive annual agriculture, is truly a multi-faceted plant. The entire plant offers itself to human use: from its rapidly growing, succulent tips down to its deep, bulbous, starchy roots, kudzu can be harvested for food, fiber, medicine, fodder, and fuel.

In its native Asia, kudzu has been put to use for many centuries, particularly in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). The root is known to practitioners of TCM as Ge-Gen and is used to treat fever, thirst, headache, pain due to high blood pressure, allergies, migraines, diarrhea, alcoholism, and angina (

Active constituents of kudzu include daidzin, daidzein, puerarin, genistin, genistein, tectorigenin, glycitin, tectoridin, 6″-O-xylosyltectoridin, 6″-O-xyloglycitin, biochanin A, and spinasterol (

We are offering fresh kudzu roots, harvested in Sylva, NC from soils free of environmental pollutants. Pre-order roots now for shipping or local pick-up in March, 2018.  Fresh, cleaned roots are $7/lb., $5/lb for 10 or more lbs. Send us an email at for more info and to order.

We’ll be digging roots during our annual Kudzu Root Camp, March 16-18. See here for details about how to join in the fun.