Kudzu Root Camp: March 16-18, 2018

Join us for the 8th annual Kudzu Root Camp in Sylva, NC. This event is part workshop, part experimental skill share, part seasonal wildcrafting camp, part cozy retreat with like-minded collaborators and learners. We take a deep dive into the ecology, ethnobotany, history, and possibilities of kudzu, exploring what this highly versatile and abundant plant can teach us about our human ecology here in southern Appalachia and beyond. With the guidance of instructors Zev Friedman and Justin Holt, along with a handful of other experienced kudzu harvesters, participants will go through the process of producing starch from kudzu roots. We’ll also share many dishes made with our kudzu starch produced during last year’s Root Camp.

There is no charge for Kudzu Root Camp. We instead request that participants give what they can, with a suggested donation of $25-50/day (no one turned away for lack of funds), and also request that they take on a specific, simple role each day to contribute to the kudzu processing camp running smoothly (for example, roles include making coffee and tea, gathering sticks for firewood, keeping an eye on kids).

As for meals, each participant is asked to provide ingredients for and cook one meal for all the other participants. There is a full kitchen and we will provide cooking staples like oil, salt, spices, etc. This approach to meals turns out to contribute nicely to the intimate, village vibe that emerges at this annual, seasonal event.

Kudzu Camp is for all ages.

Here’s approximately what a day at Camp looks like:

7:30-8:00- coffee and tea and hangout
8:00-8:30- breakfast served
8:30-9:00- morning circle, logistics (and finish breakfast)
9:00-10:30- educational segment/discussing kudzu process
10:30-12:30- kudzu process
12:30-1:30- lunch
1:30-5:30- kudzu process
5:30-6:00- cleanup
6:30-7:30- dinner
7:30- evening activity

On Friday, we will focus on digging and do some fiber exploration in the evening.

On Saturday, we will have an in-depth educational session covering numerous aspects of kudzu from a variety of perspectives, as well as finish digging and move into starch processing. Saturday is Kudzu Open Mic Night! Bring a wild song, story, poem, game, something for show and smell…

On Sunday, we will focus mostly on wrapping up root processing.

Send an email to to register.

If you can’t come to Camp but you’re interested in purchasing fresh kudzu root, see here.