UPCOMING EVENT Saturday June 10 in Clairfield, Tennessee – “All About Kudzu” With Woodland Community Landtrust

All About Kudzu!
Saturday June 10, 2023
10am – 3pm

Join Kudzu Culture and Woodland Community Land Trust to learn all about the
history and uses of kudzu. In this workshop, you will learn about why kudzu was
planted and how you can harvest and use kudzu for material, fiber, fodder,
cooking starch, medicine, and more. This workshop includes an indoor
presentation, lunch, and outdoor hands-on activities.

Clearfork Community Institute; 170 Y Hollow Rd, Clairfield, TN 37715

Email wclt1977@gmail.com or call 423-784-5304 to register.


  • 10am – Noon: Indoors – Kudzu Culture The Story of Kudzu presentation
    about the history and uses of kudzu; sharing about the existing market for
    kudzu biomass and products; Q+A about kudzu management strategies
  • Noon – 12:30pm: Indoors – Lunch (provided)
  • 12:30 – 1:30pm: Outdoors – Harvest various parts of kudzu
  • 1:30 – 2pm: Indoors – Kudzu tea and reflection
  • 2 – 3pm: Indoors – Weaving kudzu birdhouses

UPCOMING EVENT Saturday April 29 in Asheville, NC – Community Through Kudzu: Spring Ephemerals and Kudzu Ecology

Reed Creek Greenway Community Through Kudzu Series 2023

Kudzu Culture, Urban Forest Alliance, and Montford Neighborhood Association invite neighbors and friends to join in kudzu removal initiatives along the Reed Creek Greenway.

The second workshop of 2023 is “Spring Ephemerals and Kudzu Ecology”

The mile-a-minute vine is not the creeping green monoculture it might appear to be. Join us as we pull back the green curtain and see what plant and other creatures are adapting to life with kudzu. We’ll take a close look at the emergent ecology at the Reed Creek Greenway, identifying plants and discussing their role in the ecosystem. We’ll also examine some ways we two-legged inhabitants can play a beneficial role through mindful removal and use of kudzu.

Participants will come away from this workshop with a greater understanding of kudzu and other plant life and how they interact, as well as technical knowledge of how to remove kudzu and use the material for food and craft.

Gather at the Reed Creek Greenway at corner of Cauble and Broadway St. in the Montford Neighborhood of Asheville, 1-4pm, Saturday, April 29. No registration required, just stop by.

This workshop is funded by support from Urban Forest Alliance and Montford Neighborhood Association. Individual contributions are also welcome!

Please visit http://www.kudzuculture.net for additional information. Email kudzuculture@gmail.com with any questions.

Kudzu Culture Fair – December 1

Curious about kudzu? Join Kudzu Culture and Cooperate WNC on December 1, from 3 – 7pm, at The Mountain Horticultural Crops Research and Extension Center in Mills River, North Carolina, for the inaugural Kudzu Culture Fair. Participants are invited to attend a Root Harvest Training from 3:30 – 5pm in the auditorium, followed by a Kudzu Craft and Products Fair from 5 – 7pm, featuring regional art, craft, and culinary and herbal products made from kudzu.

Horiko-San (堀り子さん) is what kudzu root diggers are called in Japan. Often these diggers are farmers who wild-harvest kudzu roots during the cold season as a supplement to their farming. Here in Western North Carolina we have a legacy of herbal root digging and we have an opportunity to aggregate high-quality kudzu roots for cooperate processing. We hope to see you on December 1 to learn and share all things kudzu, including how to be a Horiko-San! Together we will discuss the need for cooperative kudzu harvesting, aggregation and processing in order to strengthen a regional kudzu supply chain.

If you are interested in volunteering or vending please email kudzuculture@gmail.com or call Kudzu Culture at 828-280-7874. Volunteer roles for December 1 include helping with setup, vendor load-in, and cleanup.

Kudzu Culture Updates and Events

Greetings, Ambassadors of Kudzu Culture!

The air is crisp and the waters are cool here in Western North Carolina! We’ve had a fun and busy summer full of collaborations and cooperative research and education. Here are a few updates and upcoming events.

In appreciation,
Lauren “LB” Bacchus
Co-Founder | Executive Director

Vine-to-Cloth Camp 2022

We were joined in August by a fabulous group of curious campers for Kudzu Vine-to-Cloth Camp in Marshall, NC. Together with Fiberhouse Collective and our Invasive Plant Fiber Study Group cohort we wove healing kuzu-fu (kudzu cloth) from hand-harvested and processed kudzu vine bast fiber. Special thanks to Nica of Fiberhouse Collective for cohosting, and to all of the generous contributions of camp participants. We are collaborating with the abundance! Stay tuned for explorations into industrially spun kudzu yarn and blending with other abundant plant fibers.

Community Through Kudzu with RiverLink

We had a wonderful time last week with RiverLink at Azalea Park in Asheville, NC. This is a site where kudzu is being eradicated, while we are simultaneously educating the public about how humans are important predators of kudzu! There are many ways we can responsibly collaborate with kudzu through harvest, use, and consumption. In this workshop we learned about uses for vines, roots, leaves, and blossoms. Pictured is kudzu blossom Vine-Aid, made with kudzu blossom simple syrup.

Now is the time to harvest kudzu blossoms! It’s important to harvest kudzu blossoms to prevent spread, because the blossoms become seed pods.

Upcoming Events

Join Us for Kudzu Crafts, Demos, and Product Debuts!

What: The Mountain Makers, Mushrooms, and Music Festival
When: Saturday, September 3, 2022, 11am – 6pm
Where: Downtown Sylva, North Carolina

What: Art on the Island
When: Saturday, September 24, 2022, 10am – 5pm
Where: Blannahassett Island, Marshall, North Carolina

What: Kudzu Farmer + Harvester Training and Kudzu Products Fair
When: Thursday, December 1, 2022
Where: Mountain Horticultural Crops Research and Extension Center, Mills River, North Carolina

Call for Volunteers and Donations

Kudzu Culture was founded from an over decade-long research and education initiative between Justin Holt, Zev Friedman, Lauren “LB” Bacchus, and many coconspirators and collaborators. LB currently serves as the Executive Director and sole employee, as our Board of Directors works on developing a cooperative model. If you would like to further support our work, please consider volunteering or making a tax-deductible donation. Volunteers can be local to Western NC for in-person events, or can volunteer virtually by working on research, grant writing, data management, and/or educational material development.

Other donations needed: sturdy work truck, enclosed trailer, UTV, all-terrain hand carts, digging tools, cutting tools, gloves, food-grade buckets/vessels, tarps, warehouse space in Buncombe County or Madison County, North Carolina

Donations are tax-deductible. Please email LB at kudzuculture@gmail.com or call 828-280-7874 with inquiries and to coordinate donations.

Kudzu Culture and RiverLink Team Up for Kudzu Education

Kudzu Culture and RiverLink invite the public to another installment of Community Through Kudzu, this time at Azalea Park along the Swannanoa River in Asheville, North Carolina. Swing by August 27, 9:30am – noon, to learn about the history of kudzu as fiber, food, and medicine. Activities include hands-on root crown identification, kudzu friendship bracelet making, and tasting kudzu root iced tea!

Kudzu Culture is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to kudzu research and education. Learn more at kudzuculture.net or email kudzuculture@gmail.com

Vine-to-Cloth Kudzu Camp August 5 – 8, 2022

Kudzu Culture and Fiberhouse Collective are hosting an intensive kudzu cloth making workshop, Vine-to-Cloth Kudzu Camp, August 5 – 8, 2022, in Marshall, NC.

LB from Kudzu Culture, Nica from Fiberhouse Collective, and collaborators will facilitate teaching the various stages of kuzu-fu (kudzu cloth) production.  Together we will weave kuzu-fu that will be used to create prototype garments. Camping is available onsite, and vacation rental options are nearby.

Building on the legacy of kudzu fiber knowledge from Asia, Kudzu Culture cofounders and current board members Justin Holt and Zev Friedman started hosting Kudzu Vine Camp in 2016. Since then we have continued learning and teaching traditional processing while experimenting with novel methods. Below are some pictures from Kudzu Vine Camps of previous years, along with woven samples by local weaving instructor Melanie Wilder and other artists.

Please email LB at kudzuculture@gmail.com with questions. Space is limited, but we will try to accommodate those interested. To apply for Vine-to-Cloth Kudzu Camp, August 5 – 8, please fill out this form:


Community Through Kudzu: April 2-3

Join us this weekend for our next installment of Community Through Kudzu:
An Educational Greenway Maintenance Initiative

Saturday April 2 + Sunday April 3
1 – 4pm daily

Worksite is located along Reed Creek Greenway, at the intersection of Cauble and Broadway Streets

Join Kudzu Culture, Montford Neighborhood Association, Urban Forest Alliance, City of Asheville Parks and Recreation, and Smart Feller Tree Works in this collaborative and educational maintenance initiative.

Be an ecological ally in our community!


Please bring: gloves, hand pruners, mattocks, shovels

Contact: kudzuculture@gmail.com

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Updates from Kudzu Culture: Fresh and Dried Root Available for Order

Hello Friends of Kudzu Culture,

We are thrilled to share that we are officially a 501(c)(3) nonprofit! Collectively we have been working on kudzu research, experimentation, and education for over a decade here in the mountains of Western North Carolina. We look forward to continuing this work for years to come, while vitalizing creative economies that utilize abundant species.

One aspect of our current work is that we are measuring effectiveness/viability of harvesting and processing fresh kudzu root from clean mountainside sites into shredded, dehydrated matter that can be used in various culinary and herbal applications. Wintertime is when the vines and leaves are dormant, and the roots are most vibrant. We are in the midst of our Winter 2022 harvest; fresh and dried root is available for purchase, and will be shipped in late March. Funds from selling fresh and dried root help sustain our work.

Fresh and dried kudzu root is available for purchase on our Etsy Page. If you are an herbalist or community practitioner, and would like a discount or donation, please fill out this form: https://forms.gle/DLNH4QBhi8NHSb3i8

“Hello, this is Kudzu Culture, may we take your order?”
– LB (Cofounder | Director)

Community Through Kudzu: An Educational Greenway Maintenance Initiative

Join Kudzu Culture, Montford Neighborhood Association, Urban Forest Alliance, and City of Asheville Parks and Recreation in this collaborative and educational maintenance initiative. We will hear the story of kudzu, identify and remove root crowns, and taste kudzu treats and tea.

Become an ecological steward in your community!

Bring (if you have, but not necessary):

  • Work gloves
  • Hand-digging tools
  • Mattocks
  • Tarps
  • Buckets

*** Please wear warm clothes/shoes, and bring a mask for indoor portion of workshop and maintain social distance in outdoor spaces. ***

This workshop is free to the public and no registration is required.

Email LB at kudzuculture@gmail.com with any questions