UPCOMING EVENT Saturday April 29 in Asheville, NC – Community Through Kudzu: Spring Ephemerals and Kudzu Ecology

Reed Creek Greenway Community Through Kudzu Series 2023

Kudzu Culture, Urban Forest Alliance, and Montford Neighborhood Association invite neighbors and friends to join in kudzu removal initiatives along the Reed Creek Greenway.

The second workshop of 2023 is “Spring Ephemerals and Kudzu Ecology”

The mile-a-minute vine is not the creeping green monoculture it might appear to be. Join us as we pull back the green curtain and see what plant and other creatures are adapting to life with kudzu. We’ll take a close look at the emergent ecology at the Reed Creek Greenway, identifying plants and discussing their role in the ecosystem. We’ll also examine some ways we two-legged inhabitants can play a beneficial role through mindful removal and use of kudzu.

Participants will come away from this workshop with a greater understanding of kudzu and other plant life and how they interact, as well as technical knowledge of how to remove kudzu and use the material for food and craft.

Gather at the Reed Creek Greenway at corner of Cauble and Broadway St. in the Montford Neighborhood of Asheville, 1-4pm, Saturday, April 29. No registration required, just stop by.

This workshop is funded by support from Urban Forest Alliance and Montford Neighborhood Association. Individual contributions are also welcome!

Please visit http://www.kudzuculture.net for additional information. Email kudzuculture@gmail.com with any questions.