We Buy (and dig) Kudzu Roots!

Happy Summer, friends of the ‘zu!

We are thankful for a grant from The Educational Foundation of America (EFA) that has empowered us to continue researching the nuances of the existing kudzu supply chain and how farmers and harvesters in the Southeastern United States can collaborate with this abundant species for the better. Part of our funding has gone toward farmer + harvester trainings and purchase of fresh kudzu roots from those participants. While we plan to operate cooperatively on a regional scale in the future, we currently mostly work with folks based in Western North Carolina and Eastern Tennessee. We are also working on virtual learning materials for those who can’t attend trainings in person.

Once we establish more consistent raw material sourcing we will open back up to online sales of fresh and dried root. If you placed an order and have not it received yet, or if you are interested in placing a pre-order, please email kudzuculture@gmail.com for more information and to signup for our customer email list.

Thank you for your ongoing support of kudzu research and education!

In appreciation,


Lauren “LB” Bacchus
Cofounder | Director
Kudzu Culture

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